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Officials of the Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority, popularly known as the JB Green Team, probably can get the required percentage of local government entities to approve their spending plans without worrying about Barnesville. Still, they should.

Formed several years ago as part of a statewide concern about disposal of solid waste, JB Green specializes in recycling programs. It is funded in part through “tipping” fees on garbage dumped at landfills. It also receives money from an annual fee of $4.75 per parcel of improved land in the two counties.

Several days ago, Barnesville Village Council was asked to consider an ordinance approving the JB Green budget. The measure failed, with no one on council offering a second to the motion.

JB Green is required to submit its spending plans to local government entities in the two counties — and needs approval from 60 percent of them. Again, the authority probably can reach that number without Barnesville’s vote.

But the community is a substantial one, and failure by village council to endorse JB Green should be of concern.

During the recent meeting, Councilman Tony Johnson — who works for Waste Management Services — said he does not agree with how JB Green operates. He explained that he “looked into this, and what they’re doing with the recycling a couple years ago, and they’ve got way too much equipment and they pay way too much. What you get is more government out of control, as far as I’m concerned.”

Judging by failure of the motion regarding JB Green, other council members share Johnson’s opinion.

Clearly, JB Green officials need to schedule a meeting with Barnesville Village Council, to discuss the authority’s operations and answer questions about them. The meeting should be announced well in advance. It should be open to the public.

If most Barnesville council members are critical of JB Green, the authority’s officials should be worrying about how their constituents feel.


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