A good example to follow

The Purple City should be proud of its politicians.

We Americans know all too well just how ugly political contests can get. At the national level, we have long endured a great deal of mudslinging, name-calling, finger-pointing and empty promises.

Such behavior has sometimes filtered down to the local level. Unfortunately, the recent race for the mayor’s seat in St. Clairsville ended for one candidate when an audio recording of him using profanity and a racial slur to discuss one of his competitors was released to the media and the public.

But no such bad behavior was on display in Martins Ferry as two experienced city leaders competed for the mayor’s office there.

Incumbent Mayor Robert Krajnyak faced a challenge from former councilman and city business owner John Davies. Both have served the public for years, and both seem to have the city’s best interests at heart.

Davies carried the vote on Tuesday, besting Krajnyak with a fairly close tally of 548-502.

“I want people to realize that I will be everyone’s mayor no matter who you voted for,” Davies said upon learning of his victory. “I’m excited to get started and to move the city forward.”

Davies also told our reporter that he made a conscious decision to run a clean campaign.

“I did not throw one stone, and I think it helped,” he said.

Davies said he has known Krajnyak for many years and believes they will achieve a smooth transition.

“We’re going to roll up our sleeves and go to work,” Davies said.

Although it seems obvious that Krajnyak would be disappointed at his defeat, he wished Davies well as he takes over the position.

“I’m just going to congratulate John on his victory and wish him the best of luck,” Krajnyak said at the conclusion of Election Day.

Both men behaved like mature adults. They accepted that the decision regarding who would fill the mayor’s seat was one for the people of the city to make. They also accepted the outcome of the vote graciously.

Davies and Krajnyak set a fine example for others to follow. Let’s hope that future candidates from Martins Ferry and surrounding communities take notice and choose to follow in their footsteps.


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