Arrangement a win-win

College life is not what it used to be for many higher education students.

They enjoy housing amenities the likes of which parents and grandparents could never even have dreamed.

This fall, that becomes even more true for a few dozen local students. A total of 35 West Liberty University students will be living at a resort — really.

As reported last week, WLU officials found themselves short of enough single-bedroom housing units to meet the demand from students worried about COVID-19. After all, close exposure to others in poorly ventilated areas for an extended period of time creates the perfect conditions for transmission of the illness. Living with someone you don’t know well in a double- or triple-occupancy room does seem like uncomfortable close quarters amid a pandemic.

So, what were university officials to do?

Why, call Oglebay Resort, of course.

Oglebay is providing discounted room rates to the university, which is housing 35 students at the resort temporarily.

“They just said, ‘how can we help?'” WLU President Stephen Greiner commented of Oglebay officials.

Those students will have access to all the amenities of the resort, including its beautiful trails, its activities and its swimming pool. They will stil take their meals on campus, though, as restaurant dining is not part of the deal with Oglebay.

Good for the resort officials who agreed to get involved — but we can’t say Oglebay’s willingness to help comes as much of a surprise.

Not only is it likely that the resort has plenty of space available right now due to travel restrictions and canceled vacations related to coronavirus fears, but it is located close to the WLU campus.

WLU and many in our Ohio Valley communities have viewed themselves as partners for many years. That good-neighbor attitude has been a boon to all involved. It certainly has been one for 35 university students.


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