Doing our American duty

It is time for all of us to do our duty for our nation, for our communities and for our families and friends.

It is time to vote.

The democratic process is the bedrock of America. By giving the people of the United States the opportunity to decide how they would be governed, our founders created a nation unlike any other the world had ever seen.

The process that they put in place, however, only works correctly if the people actually participate. Not only is voting a right that adult U.S. citizens can count on, it also is a responsibility that we have to ourselves and to one another.

Very important contests and issues will be decided when the ballots are counted in the Nov. 3 general election. The most high-profile race, of course, is for the presidency of the United States. Anyone who doesn’t know at least a little bit about the contentious race between Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat former Vice President Joe Biden must be living under a rock.

Further down the ballot, though, are many other contests at the federal, state and local levels. Here in Eastern Ohio, voters have the chance to choose a member of Congress as well as state lawmakers, county commissioners, and other local department heads.

In addition, some local schools, police and fire departments, and municipalities have levies for voters to consider.

Early in-person voting and absentee voting by mail have been underway in the Buckeye State since Oct. 6. Similar methods of casting a ballot prior to Election Day are also now available in West Virginia.

With so many options available, there is no excuse for qualified individuals not to cast a ballot. Even if you have concerns about potential exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, you still have the ability to vote without ever having in-person contact with other voters or elections officials.

For detailed information about how to take advantage of any of Ohio’s voting options, visit Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s website at sos.state.oh.us. Or, you can call your county board of elections office at one of the following numbers: Belmont — 740-526-0188; Harrison — 740-942-5831; Jefferson — 740-283-8522; or Monroe — 740-472-0929.

It does not matter which candidates you prefer or which issues you plan to support or propose if you do not cast a ballot. Now is the time for you to make your voice heard; if you do not, then you have no right to complain about the outcome of any election question.

Participate in early voting or go to the polls on Election Day. Either way, make sure you vote.


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