Think about what cops do

If you ever are tempted to hop on what sometimes seems to be a bandwagon full of people who despise all law enforcement personnel, we ask that you think about some things that happened last week.

First, as we reported, Belmont County sheriff’s detectives helped rescue a woman kidnapped by the man who murdered her mother, Barnesville-area native Norma Matko, on Thanksgiving Day.

Authorities say James Edward Hawley, also known as Ahmed Ben David, killed her — and kidnapped her daughter, Nicole Bronowski, of Cuyahoga Falls. Apparently Hawley and Bronowski were involved in a relationship at some point in the past.

Multiple law enforcement agencies, with local detectives taking part in the hunt, tracked Hawley down to a hotel in Louisiana. Knowing he had threatened to “kill some cops,” law enforcement personnel closed in. An FBI agent was shot, but is expected to recover. Hawley was killed.

Bronowski was rescued and will be all right, authorities have said.

Some of those same deputies volunteered along with the sheriff and members of the Wheeling Police Department on Saturday to help local families. Those law enforcement officers organized Operation Toy Lift, a day-long, outdoor effort to collect toys to be given as holiday gifts to local children in need.

Also last week, a Charleston police officer, Cassie Johnson, responded to a parking-related complaint. A man approached her, drew a gun, and scuffled with Johnson. She managed to wound him. Johnson was shot twice.

She died at a hospital. She was just 28 years old.

Think about what happened last week the next time someone suggests that law enforcement officers, deputies and agents are threats to the public.

A murderer was stopped. A kidnapped woman was found safe and rescued. A young officer died while doing her duty. And local families received some holiday cheer.

Just think about that.


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