Responding to “Good Riddance.” Trump did a fine job!

ear Editor,

I’d like to respond to the Letter to the Editor entitled “Good Riddance” in last Sunday’s edition, dated Jan 24, 2021.

The author expresses joy about Trump’s defeat and offers colorful invectives about our former President but curiously never mentioned the name Biden. Instead, ad hominem attacks are offered and controversial policy reversals touted. By the tone of the letter, it’s reasonable to assume the author voted out of hatred for our former President instead of excitement for his candidate, a phenomenon unique on such a scale this past election.

Like so many Ohio Valley Americans, I was a Trump supporter and for good reasons, many stemming from Trump’s “America First” doctrine: ensuring our country and citizens are first and foremost in establishing domestic and foreign policies.

His tax cuts and rollback of regulations had spurred an acceleration of our economy, record low unemployment in all demographics, growth in manufacturing, growth in business startups, and a sense of pride that American Exceptionalism is alive and well. He rescinded treaties and agreements which were not in the best interest of Americans.

Unfortunately, too many people were so filled with media driven rage they couldn’t see the good that the previous administration accomplished.

The opinion expressed in the “Good Riddance” letter is one shared by many who follow an odious left wing media who’ve for years promoted nothing but mischaracterizations, half-truths, and outright lies about the former President, something for which Trump supporters have endured and resulted in further distrust of MSM. The letter offered vituperations about the former President which were terribly unfair since only the Lord knows a man’s heart.

But equally problematic in the letter is the argument for the policy redirects by President Biden.

President Biden’s policy directives should show Ohio Valley Americans where we stand with our current President; no regard.

The Paris Accord is nothing more than a fleecing of the United States and will unnecessarily and inevitably hit the pocketbook of nearly every American which is why Trump severed the cord in the first place.

This policy could ultimately be devastating to Ohio Valley Americans who are already struggling.

Biden’s revoking permits to the Keystone XL pipeline is indicative of an uncaring administration as an estimated 11,000 American workers lost their jobs by the stroke of his pen.

This should be disconcerting to Ohio Valley Americans since energy has become a much needed shot in the arm for the region.

And very few people need explanation of how devastating a mandated $15/hour would be on small businesses in this region and its effect on jobs and unemployment.

But apparently, the author of the aforementioned letter needs explanation for which I suggest any econ 101 course.

As for the pandemic; anyone laying blame of the deaths of so many Americans on the former President ought to seek more rational experts in whom to listen. My advice to those engaged in such absurdities is to start with the time line beginning in January and trace it forward through Trump’s Operation “Warp Speed” which includes as its finale, a COVID vaccination in record time.

Any honest person reviewing this history would get a sense of the magnitude of the Trump administration’s efforts.

Keep in mind the Biden administration recently admitted to not having the ability to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the coming months.

He’s powerless.

The bottom line in response to the letter “Good Riddance” is that Trump is not the bogeyman. He has done a great job as President and there are over 74 million Americans who agree with me…

Philip Parenti

Mount Pleasant


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