No insurance required

An Ohio man’s accusations are raising questions about whether those who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in the Buckeye State can be turned away because they do not have health insurance.

The answer is an unequivocal no.

According to a man who said he is a diabetic, there were no appointments available close to where he lives when he became eligible, so he arranged one a couple of hours from his home.

He alleges that when he arrived at a clinic in Piqua, Ohio, he was asked for his insurance and identification. When he told them he did not have health insurance, he claims those working at the clinic told him they could therefore not give him the shot.

If those accusations prove true, someone needs to answer for it.

COVID-19 vaccines are free, for everyone.

Local health care provider Ohio Hills Health Service, based in Barnesville, recently told our reporter that staff members will ask vaccine recipients for their insurance card if they have coverage. Spokeswoman Jan Chambers explained that the vaccine itself is free; if a person is insured, however, OHHS will bill the insurance provider for the cost of administering the vaccine.

She stressed, though, that a vaccine will be provided, free of charge, to anyone who is eligible for it under current state guidelines.

Those who are uninsured are covered through funding in the federal relief bill.

Do not let a lack of health insurance coverage keep you from getting this life-saving vaccine.


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