Is it worth the risk?

Americans are a restless bunch in the best of times. Coop us up for a year or so, and there is bound to be an urge to break free and roam. In fact, the Transportation Security Administration says that is exactly what is happening. Airlines are seeing nearly as many travelers as they did this time two years ago. Gasoline demand is on the rise, too.

Airports are becoming crowded again. And much as we might all wish that was good news, it is not.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky says she has a feeling of “impending doom,” as she urged Americans to avoid travel and get vaccinated.

“What we’re seeing now is more travel than we saw throughout the pandemic, including the Christmas and New Year’s holidays,” which were followed by surges in new cases, Walensky said at a White House briefing. “I would just sort of reiterate the recommendations from CDC, saying please limit travel to essential travel for the time being.”

Yes, it is possible to do some traveling, while following the safety guidelines.

But as airlines have abandoned their every-other-seat policies, and airports are allowing hundreds of people to crowd toward the gates all at once, it may not matter how careful you have been, if the person squeezing in beside you can’t be bothered.

Be smart, then, folks. Venture out a little farther if you will, but get vaccinated first, follow all safety protocols and consider destinations that are unlikely to be crowded. Even then, think carefully — is it worth the risk?

Hold on a little longer, then, if you can. There will come a time when we can travel freely and without much worry. That time is yet to come.


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