Unacceptable behavior

Within the past month, there have been several examples that show some people are just unable to interact with others.

A woman in Cleveland has been arrested for allegedly attacking two 60-year-old owners of a beauty store over $11.85 worth of merchandise, all caught on surveillance camera on July 23.

Ebony Afzal, 25, reportedly attempted to use a prepaid debit card, which was declined during the transaction.

In the video, she is seen attacking the two immigrants from South Korea — leaving one unconscious — and destroying some items.

She has been charged with assault.

Then, an Ohio man was arrested in Florida on three counts of misdemeanor battery. According to the Associated Press, Maxwell Berry, 22, of Norwalk brushed a cup against a flight attendant’s backside, took off his shirt, grabbed the chests of two female flight attendants, and then punched a male flight attendant.

He ended up having to be restrained with tape.

These are just two instances of bad behavior.

How often have we seen customers berating workers over coupons, return policies, not having an advertised item or generally behaving badly? The offenders never seem to realize the objects of their aggression are not responsible.

Screaming, swearing and causing a disturbance is bad enough, but when it escalates to physical violence, consequences should be swift.

We should no longer condone this behavior.


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