Keep games in perspective

Why does it seem that at the beginning of every new school year we get another disappointing reminder that people consider high school sports to be of such great importance that they are willing to behave very badly over it?

This year, the honors go to someone in Grove City, Ohio, who moved a vending machine to barricade the door of a locker room in which several football referees were taking part in an evaluation.

Speculation is that whoever blocked that door was angry over a controversial call made during a game.

The South-Western City School District and Grove City Police Department are investigating, and Grove City High School’s principal and head coach have issued an apology, for the incident according to WCMH-Columbus.

When the guilty parties are found, they should face harsh punishment.

Communities have put up long enough with individuals who place irrational significance on high school sports and justify their bad behavior because of it.

We have for too long shaken our heads and looked the other way when abuse hurled at student athletes, coaches and referees gets out of hand. School is about education after all, and these are not the lessons we want our young athletes or their supporting fellow students in the stands to learn by attending athletic contests.

These are games being played by kids, folks. Keep yourselves in check. Remind your kids that nothing, least of all high school sports, justifies verbally abusing or physically harming another person.


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