The role newspapers play

This week marks National Newspaper Week, a chance to step back and highlight the important role newspapers play as a community forum for news, sports and human-interest stories of everyday life.

We Americans enjoy a vigorous, vibrant press, like no other in the world. For more than two centuries, it has served us as guardians of our liberty and prosperity.

Newspapers indeed are critical to a free society and to helping grow strong community bonds. Our nation’s founders recognized that in adopting the First Amendment to the Constitution. And even the highest court in the land has reinforced press freedom.

Just how do we safeguard Americans’ rights and promote their well-being? We tell you every day what government is doing. In depth — not in shallow sound-bites — we tell you what your school board is doing, how your town or city council is spending your money, what new taxes legislators are considering and why presidents take certain actions.

Newspapers provide a community forum, a place for local residents to find trusted information on what events are taking place over the weekend, or how the local high school sports team is performing.

Long before there was an internet, newspapers were sources of all sorts of important information. Now, our website and digital components complement daily print editions.

National Newspaper Week is a reminder of how important we as an institution are to our communities. We take pleasure in newspapering as a way to safeguard and make them better.


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