Following a new lead

Young people are taking the initiative on all kinds of important issues these days — thank goodness. It is a shame they feel as though they have to, but we are fortunate they are so determined. Among recent efforts is a new education bill in Ohio, inspired by three Olentangy Liberty High School students who believed self-defense should be taught in Buckeye State high schools.

According to a report by WDTN in Columbus, the three female students were working the late shift at a mall when they started talking about their fears over having to walk alone to their cars at night. So, they pushed for “The Empowerment Program” at their own high school, and now are hoping all students will be given the tools to protect themselves.

“The culture we live in and the kind of tolerance for undermining individuals’ personal space and their ability to flourish — it’s really important that we take steps to help our youth be equipped,” Rep. Andrea White, R-Kettering, told WDTN.

It is mind-numbing that these young people felt compelled to ask for such a change, and that lawmakers saw enough convincing information in what was presented that they felt it necessary to introduce HB 639. But the women are to be commended for their courage and conviction.

“What I want to highlight is these women and their class for taking this initiative because it’s truly wonderful,” White told WDTN.

If it is up to these young people to open our eyes, more power to them. It would do the rest of us some good to listen and follow that lead.


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