Cheers & Jeers

CHEERS to news that Belmont College is expanding its outreach to local students by offering classes at the Kendall Behavioral Solutions building in Martins Ferry. An additional location will be convenient.

JEERS to Mother Nature for bringing an EF-2 tornado to Monroe and southern Belmont County this week. The damage was extensive, though no human lives were lost.

CHEERS to falconry enthusiasts who will descend on Holloway this weekend for their annual End of Season Meet. The event provides them an opportunity to hunt, and it allows other interested people to learn more.

JEERS to word that water and sewer rates will be rising in Shadyside. Of course rate increases are needed from time to time, but they never make customers happy. and can be a financial burden to them.

CHEERS to WVU Medicine for returning as the sponsor of the Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend. The partnership between the newspapers and the health system leads to a wonderful weekend for attendees.

CHEERS to the Daily Bread Center in Martins Ferry and to all who support it. The center recently announced the launch of its annual “Raise the Dough” fundraising campaign, and we urge anyone who can give to do so.

CHEERS to all the “Women of Progress” featured in our news pages this past week. Stay tuned for several more of their inspiring stories on Monday.


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