Implementing people’s will

Despite work by Ohio lawmakers to oppose the will of voters by fiddling with the law governing legalized recreational marijuana, it seems one government agency understands its job and has gotten to work.

According to a report by WBNS, the state’s Division of Cannabis Control is ready to roll out recreational marijuana this summer, with a proposed set of rules for dispensaries ahead of issuing licenses.

WBNS reports the Division of Cannabis Control appears ready to give its first licenses in June to facilities that are handling medical sales. A second wave of licenses for non-medical facilities would go out in September.

“We are really excited to see how quickly and thoughtfully the Division of Cannabis Control is moving to implement what the voters approved in Issue 2,” said Jeff McCourt, CEO of Firelands Scientific.

The DCC received praise from other dispensaries, too. A representative of Bloom Dispensary told WBNS, “It seems the division is business focused — they want the business to succeed without hindering the customers in any way, so we are very happy with the rules they are proposing but also keeping the current market safe, secure and (a) high quality market like it is.”

In the report by WBNS, a few examples of the new rules are mentioned, such as businesses opening at least 500 feet away from schools, public parks and churches; and closing by 11 p.m.

King Bureaucracy doesn’t always get it right in Ohio. But quickly getting to work to be smart and safe about implementing the will of the people is how government SHOULD operate. Meddling lawmakers must take note.


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