Preparing kids for prom

Perhaps a little sunshine and warm temperatures will finally help us realize that we are rapidly approaching prom and graduation season in the Ohio Valley. That means it is time for some important conversations between students and their parents or guardians.

First step? Parents, be honest with yourselves about what was on YOUR mind and what YOU were getting into as juniors or seniors in high school. Many of you probably thought you were essentially adults to whom the rules of childhood should no longer apply.

Now consider that social pressures are in some ways tougher for kids now than they were back then. Be honest while you prepare your kids before they have to face those pressures.

The Ohio Investigative Unit and the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control are encouraging parents and students to talk about underage drinking laws. It’s not just kids who bear responsibility for the trouble that brews this time of year. Parents who decide to be the “cool” hosts are a problem, too.

Those who sell or otherwise provide alcohol to underage drinkers face fines or jail time. And that’s assuming no one has been injured (or worse).

Anyone under 21 who drives with a blood-alcohol concentration of “at least 0.02%” can be arrested and/or have his or her driver’s license suspended.

“We can stop senseless tragedies associated with irresponsible and illegal underage alcohol consumption,” said Erik Lockhart, OIU senior enforcement commander.

Meanwhile, parents must have other difficult, potentially awkward conversations with their kids about making smart choices in all circumstances.

No one said it would be easy. But if a conversation about choices, responsibility and consequences helps your kids stand up to social pressure and avoid making a mistake that changes the course of their lives, it will be worth every second.


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