Applying law to everyone

As he spoke in Marietta over the weekend, during the Washington County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Dinner, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was absolutely correct when he said “The rule of law means the same rules for everybody.”

Further, Yost talked to the crowd about the need to follow what has been outlined for us in the Constitution; and discussed the importance of judges who follow the law as it is written and rule IMPARTIALLY.

How refreshing to hear a politician these days who understands the courts have a job to do — and must not be asked to let agenda get in the way when making decisions.

Even better, Yost pushed back against what seems to be an incessant effort to drag control to the seats of power.

“Washington (D.C.) does not get to run our lives to that degree,” he said.

Neither does Columbus, of course, and surely Yost intended his comment for the ears of lawmakers and bureaucrats there as much as he did for those in our nation’s capital.

Washington County Republican Party Vice Chairman Khadine Ritter expected Yost’s appearance would be “a good way to get us fired up.”

Thank goodness he seized the opportunity to bring such important points into focus.

Our law is meant to be applied equitably, to all. Our foundation is the Constitution, and judges are responsible for ensuring they use the law and the Constitution to help them rule objectively — without bias and without motive. And decisions should be made at the level where people are best equipped to decide what is right for THEM — government must get out of the way, where it can.


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