America has betrayed our founders

Dear Editor,

America has betrayed our founders! America has betrayed our God! Christians escaped religious persecution in Europe and with God’s divine intervention, created our great nation. Ten-plus miracles by God sustained our founders during our Revolutionary War. We were outnumbered 10 to 1 by a well-trained and disciplined British army, but by God’s grace we won! It was an amazing miracle.

Miracles persisted throughout the war. George Washington led in battle, often within 50 yards of the British! He had four bullet holes in his coat and two horses shot from under him! He did not get a scratch. Praise God! George Washington read his Bible daily!

An enormous British armada gathered in Boston Harbor and prepared to level the city with canon! Bostonians prayed and fasted. That night, a huge storm blew the armada out to sea and sunk it! Far more battle miracles occurred, to be found with a little research.

From 1775 to 1783, our Continental Congress issued 15 proclamations. Without exception, each humbly beseeched Almighty God’s hand in their endeavors. Our founders held church services in the capitol Rotunda. Most of the early 13 states had a state religion. Only Christians were permitted to hold public office. America was certainly born a very Christian nation.

Our First Amendment prevailed over many court challenges, setting much early legal precedent. America coexisted with God for 150 years … until 1947. In 1947, against all court precedent, against the Constitution of the United States, nine Democrat Supreme Court justices declared separation of church and state. America became a secularist nation — a government without God. This created new court precedent for the incremental moral decline of America. This became Democrat’s incentive for America’s trip to hell.

In 1952, the Lyndon Johnson amendment forbade pastors to speak politics in the pulpit, separation of church and state allowed Democrats to take prayer out of school. The high school pregnancy rate doubled in 10 years! In 1973, Democrats passed Roe v. Wade, allowing the murder of babies in the womb. Democrats then took Bibles out of hotels. Democrats removed the Ten Commandments from the courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama, Display of religion on public property is under constant attack by Democrats.

A Democrat Supreme Court spit in the eye of God as it legalized unconstitutional same-sex marriage and ugly sodomy in 2015. They ignored Sodom and Gomorrah!

A Democrat president expelled God from our military. He also gave us same-sex bathrooms in 2015! Today, Democrat judges penalize Christians who refuse to cater same-sex marriages.

The reign and the rain of secularism over three generations destroyed our weakest American families. Lack of the Judeo-Christian ethic has exacerbated divorce, school shootings, riots, rape, unwed mothers, gangs, etc. We had no school shootings until secularism eroded our culture. Our culture of government secularism is to blame for school shootings! Democrats created our secularist society and are sustained by less informed voters. The Democrat Party has betrayed our Founding Fathers! The Democrat Party has betrayed God! The party of slavery is now the party of abortion! Jesus Christ would not support their evil, anti-God agenda! Jesus Christ would not vote Democrat! We must share Jesus to save America for our children and grandchildren.

Don Krahel St. Clairsville


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