Writer wrong about Soros

Dear Editor,

The most recent contribution from our conspiracy theorist involves George Soros; according to the writer, Soros was a Nazi collaborator who somehow orchestrates the Democratic party.

This fantasy, which can be traced back to Alex Jones, Dinesh D’Sousa and like-minded right-wing pundits, ignores reality on several levels.

Soros’s native Hungary was occupied by the Nazis in 1944; Soros was 13 at the time, an unlikely age for a collaborator. His family, and father in particular, were credited with aiding fellow Jews avoid custody and deportation, activities George participated in.

The genesis, if any, of claims to influence over Democrats stems from his philanthropic activities. His Open Societies Foundation promotes transparency, education and scholarship aid, and combating poverty. He does contribute to politicians with similar goals.

It would improve the writer’s credibility if he researched somewhere other than “Faux News”; the local library would be a good place to start. If reading is too strenuous, try Wikipedia.

Tom Morgan



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