Public must be heard on permits

Dear Editor,

I am in complete agreement with the editorial in the April 13, 2020, Intelligencer that an actual physical public meeting is essential regarding the injection wells proposed for a site near St. Clairsville.

These wells would be handling shale gas extraction wastewater. The editorial is correct: “the public deserves the right to be heard.”

Now in the April 16, 2020, issue of The Times Leader we learn that 4K Industrial has applied for a permit to install a barge handling facility to receive the same sort of shale gas extraction wastewater in Martins Ferry for local processing. Back in February, 2015, The Intelligencer was reporting that both the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers had issues with the barge transport of shale gas extraction wastewater.

Injection wells supplied by truck could perhaps be for the support of development in Belmont County.

Barge delivery is only needed for material being brought from outside Belmont County, from Pennsylvania or beyond. Toxic waste that other localities clearly do not want or permit.

A physical public hearing is clearly called for, just as in the case of the injection wells. Again, the public deserves the right to be heard.

Fr. Michael Ziebarth

Martins Ferry


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