We will get through this

Dear Editor,

New York’s death toll from COVID-19 climbed to 2,935 on Friday, up from 2,373 the day before — the “highest single increase in the number of deaths since we started,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

There have now been more than 102,000 confirmed cases statewide and 14,810 people are currently hospitalized in New York, the U.S. epicenter of the global outbreak.

More than half of the cases in the state are in New York City.

New York has half of all deaths in the United States and growing by the hour.

New York hospitals are overwhelmed and can’t keep up.

Not enough personnel or equipment to manage the spike in cases. They have tractor tailors lined up at hospitals where bodies are placed.

This is an example of the curve spike Doctor Birx talks about.

The spike New York is experiencing is what they are trying to avoid nationwide. That is why we have social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders in many states.

We are all worried about the economy given the social distancing guidelines.

The consequences would be dire if we just put the economy first and went back to work. What do you think would happen if the whole country spiked like New York?

What would happen to the economy under those conditions?

It would shut down our economy in an unmanageable chaotic manner and would be almost impossible to recover from. It would mean all hospitals would be in crisis with no chance of making enough equipment fast enough to manage the situation resulting in huge deaths and people too sick to work.

Sick workers would take it home to their kids and grandma. Companies would still have to close but in a crisis mode.

The economic price is high and scary.

My view is it is better to be in a managed crisis mode than an uncontainable chaotic crisis mode.

Which would you prefer?

What do you suppose the uncontainable crises would cost? My guess is more than we could pay.

Keep the faith, this situation is dire but temporary and we will be back even stronger.

We have the best minds available protecting our health and economy.

Do not be afraid, God has this.

Bob Connors



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