The time is now

Dear Editor,

As I sit here in my backyard on this beautiful July morning, I have a rush of thoughts that have come to mind.

In the six decades that I have been on this Earth I have, from afar, witnessed the happenings in this world.

As I reflect on these things I notice that my generation, and subsequent generations, have responded with utter confusion when processing these events.

My parents were of the Greatest Generation; they and many others were the ones that fought in WWII and Korea.

They worked hard to provide for their families, they gave of their time and money to build their communities and churches.

In short their priorities were God, country and family. Unfortunately, these crucial building blocks of society have been denegrated and chipped away at for the last 60 years.

I believe that we, as a nation, are at the tipping point and God is giving us one last chance to turn to him instead of to this corrupt world. can only imagine his disappointment with us, and I believe God has had enough of our disrespectful and hateful actions.

Redefining norms has been our accepted practice for too long. It’s getting old, and most of us know that it is wrong.

Many examples exist, but these attempts to ruin our way of life really concern me.

The destruction of the nuclear family, the elimination of God from our daily lives and the rewriting of history that attempts to bring down Western Civilization.

When we, as a society, let this happen, we will bring upon ourselves a totalitarian state and slavery.

So what do we do to stop this?

Well what we are currently doing is putting our heads in the sand or “going along to get along.”

So, in other words, we are following all the other fools over the cliff.

We pretend nothing is wrong, and we selfishly live for today without any concern for the world of the future where our children and grandchildren will have to survive.

In this world where we are constantly lied to by mainstream media, corrupt anti-God and anti-family politicians and taxpayer-funded scientists who follow a well orchestrated script, we need to instead consider the truth and turn to God.

This country has a chance to do that, but the window of opportunity may soon close. If it does, our country will descend into a perpetual darkness, as will the rest of the world.

It’s up to you and I to speak up and defend our Founding Principles, our family values and, most of all, to turn to Jesus.

Pray that all our people recognize we can only go on as free people if we listen to God and heed his warnings.

Bob Blinco



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