Discrimination against U.S. citizens

Dear Editor,

Large department stores choose to discriminate on anyone that chooses not to wear a mask in public.

There is no evidence that prove that mask will stop the spread of any airborne virus.

If so, why are we not told to wear a mask in flu season?

Dr. Fauci admitted he lied about the use of masks not helping so there would be enough for the medical field (some sources report). If masks helped, he could have told us to use cloth made masks.

Then they told us where we could shop. They picked the stores that could stay open.

We did not have the choice to shop in our hometowns. We were not allowed to get a haircut, buy a car, go to the banks, even go to work. What restaurant you could go to. And most of all they said we could not worship in our own churches.

They said what was essential or not.

Who are they?

They are the governors and mayors that we elected to office and do not have the right to make any laws — just to enforce the ones that are passed through our United States Congress or through proper channels such as city council or voting in a state.

There have been no new laws that have been passed that relatesto COVID-19 that I’m aware of.

The newspaper reads (last) week Governor DeWine said that fall sports can go on.

That is not his call. There is no law that said we could not have sports. Our governor has overstepped his right and is stepping on our rights with martial law.

This country is becoming Communist. Next the governors will be telling us when we can come out of our house, when we can go to work or shopping, what and how much you can buy.

This needs to stop.

We the people need to wake up and be heard.

And as far as COVID, the information is not correct. There are known cases where people are said to have died of COVID and some of us know this is not true.

How good is the testing when Governor DeWine tested positive in the morning and negative in the afternoon?

Are people that are told they tested positive able to be tested the second time?

Our government never did this much for the flu, cancer, AIDS, swine flu, etc., and (those illnesses) also killed a lot of people in the past years.

Please don’t get me wrong. Any person that dies is a very sad thing and my prayers go out to the families. But we have never been discriminated like we are being now.

You put your loved ones in nursing homes or a hospital and you are not allowed to visit.

This is what they did in the U.S.S.R to the Jews.

Wake up, people, before it’s too late!

Wayne Blinco



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