The Future

Dear Editor,

A few days ago I saw a pastor on TV say something that really was quite profound.

He said there are people who want little 5-year-old boys and girls to use the same bathrooms and for them to be read stories at public libraries by drag queens. There are people who want to kill babies inside and outside the womb. There are people who believe the rights of the criminal and illegal alien have more rights than a naturalized citizen. There are people who believe that their property is theirs and your property is theirs as well. There are people who want to defund the police but at the same time take away your Second Amendment rights so you can’t defend yourself. There are people who will bring in other government systems and cultural standards but spit on our own. There are people who will allow rioters to destroy cities and spread COVID but shut down a church without blinking an eye. But what he said next was what perked up my ears. He said, these people may have been born in America but they are not American by any stretch of the imagination. These people want to destroy the United States of America by destroying our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our nuclear family, our schools, our military, and our houses of worship. These people are not Americans! So what are they? Well, many really have no understanding of what they are but economist Lugwig von Mises and Lenin would call them useful idiots. I prefer to call them “the lost”. But this new group isn’t necessarily being used to bring about communism but rather a corporate totalitarian globalist world government run by a small number of elites who have no national allegiance but rather an outright desire for power and control. Individual nations stand in their way, especially a strong United States with a thriving middle class. We must wake up to the fact that there is something much larger at play in our country than mere political differences. Forget Democrat vs. Republican for a moment. What we’re seeing is a globalist plan to take down America. This plan has been in place for decades and has progressively ramped up the past 12 years. There are very real, organized, intentional, powerful people behind the scenes fomenting division, disorder, lawlessness, and instability in America. The globalists play for keeps, and they see their moment slipping away. Between now and the election, they will likely leverage anything and everything they can to increase social and economic chaos in their attempts to get a globalist into the White House. Animosity toward Christians and Jewish people will increase. Freedoms and cities will likely be destroyed. We could be in for some tough times in America. Pray for our country. Pray and witness to “the lost” that they may find Christ. And pray for all those who are standing up against this Satanic evil that wants to usher in this last world government.

Randy Marple



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