Remember judicial races

Dear Editor,

We have a lot to consider on Election Day. As a matter of fact, judicial races are extremely important but oftentimes get overlooked. I have found, though, that you really need to do some research before you cast your vote. One race that is of great interest to me is the Ohio Supreme Court and in that race my pick will be Sharon Kennedy. You may say, “Why Sharon?” Well it’s like this, she possesses the same worldview as I do. Most importantly, she recognizes the importance of God in our everyday lives and is guided by those principles when decisions need to be made. She supports and reinforces the building blocks of the family and the community. She believes in working hard and striving to achieve goals. She is a great example of this since she started her career in law enforcement, then practiced law and has climbed the ladder all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court, where she now serves. Her unwavering support for law enforcement officers, first responders and the military, ensures us that she is on our side and will strongly defend public safety. She has thoughtfully considered the adverse effects the response to the pandemic has had on our citizens’ mental and financial health. Lastly, I would like to recognize that she has traveled all throughout Ohio and she always makes known her appreciation of local history and points of interest along the way. By doing so, she educates civic, business and private groups which helps them to also recognize how special their communities really are. I am voting to re-elect Sharon Kennedy and I hope she will be your choice for the Ohio Supreme Court. Thanks for your consideration.

Bob Blinco



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