Advice for recent guest columnist

Dear Editor,

With respect to the recent article on the opinion page in The Times Leader on Sept. 6 by former Belmont County Republican GOP chairman Chris Gagin, who was reaching out to his MAGA friends regarding “How do I explain Trump’s America to my daughter?” I would like to help!

I believe he should begin the conversation with his 5-year-old daughter with an explanation of life and death since he is an anti-abortion father and pro-gun conservative. He could begin by explaining to her why he is an anti-abortion father and how there are many people today who believe it is perfectly acceptable to murder the unborn under the guise of women’s right to choose,” even up to the minute of birth?

Then see if she understands that abortion has become today’s birth control as a result of having casual sex?

But then, he just might have to explain what casual sex is, and how many presidents and politicians in Washing have succumbed to it?

By now I’m sure many are wondering what does this have to do with explaining Trump’s America ­ — plenty!

Mr. Gagin says he really needs the help because he simply doesn’t like Trump anymore.

He doesn’t like his personality, he’s not your typical Washington politician, simply not very nice to others, he’s a liar, has embarrassed America because he didn’t follow or agree with the Washington establishment’s guidelines of governing and behavior, everything Trump does is Trump’s benefit, and his tweeting is off the charts, OK — could there by anything positive Mr. Gagin might be able to explain?

How about Trump’s America First agenda, standing up for law enforcement, building the wall and securing our borders, growing the economy, rebuilding the military, negotiating fair trade agreements, successfully negotiating with Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA with new and better trade deals for American workers, working to bring back businesses from China, protecting the Second Amendment, (since Democrat Beto O’Rourke is coming after your guns) moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and fewer federal regulations, just to name a few?

All that’s a rarity?

If I had to guess, probably not, since honesty and integrity are important issues for Mr. Gagin since he wants his 5-year-old daughter to understand adult and complex issues about the politicians who promise one thing when running for an office because they want your vote, and how it goes out the federal window when they get to Washington?

Now, just one more suggestion, maybe an open mind, and changing the channel he watches, the newspaper he reads and the politicians he associates with, including those connected to the Grant Project, would be a good first step in knowing the whole truth, so that when he tries to explain Trump’s America, to his 5-year-old daughter, he’s got all his facts straight and the typical Democractic talking points.

Mr. Gagin is not the only one who loves America. It also might help him to be fair and balanced, which he is not, so that his daughter will be able to think for herself when she’s older and not be told how to think, what to think and how to act by Washington and the “We Hate Trump” news media!

As a lifelong Democrat, the main issue on the ballot for me this November is pro-life vs. pro-choice, (and believe me it is on the ballot). It is the No. 1 reason I will be voting for President Trump, as I know God is not happy about the children “God formed in the womb” that are being murdered. President Trump is a pro-life president and Joe Biden is not, he is pro-choice.

Since Mr. Gagin is an anti-abortion father and honesty and integrity are important to him, that’s why he is voting for Joe Biden, then maybe he could explain to me and his 5-year-old daughter where Catholic, Joe Biden’s honesty and integrity is on this issue?

Judi Phillips



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