Choose J.P. Dutton for Belmont County commissioner

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share some first-hand knowledge of Belmont County Commissioner J.P. Dutton. I have had the opportunity to work with Commissioner Dutton for the past four years. Both of us came into office at the same time and often reach out to each other for perspective and advice from a fellow commissioner.

The job of county commissioner is much more than the story on TV or in the newspaper. Your Board of Commissioners runs the business of the county and, just like any business owner, a commissioner must wear many hats.

Every day they are faced with many issues, some minor, some major, but they are ultimately the ones that answer the call and solve the problem.

Commissioner Dutton has a wealth of knowledge, a great work ethic, and integrity. His ability to work within government agencies and understand the process is very impressive.

His calm, thoughtful reasoning in the face of difficult issues is an important trait for any leader.

Commissioner Dutton sees the big picture and where decisions made today will have a lasting impact for years to come.

I believe the people of Belmont County knew what they wanted when they elected J. P. Dutton, and I believe they made a good choice. — one they should make again.

Paul Coffland

Harrison County




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