Joe Biden a noble, corageous man

Dear Editor,

Ernest Hemingway said: “Courage is grace under pressure.”

I believe Joe Biden is a very courageous man as demonstrated by his endless grace.

Alice Cary wrote in her poem Nobility: “For he who is honest is noble … “

Joe Biden is a noble man as he demands truth based on facts, on science, and on expertise.

Joe will show his courage and nobility by facing the dangerous Covet-19 undoubtedly, transparently, and vigorously.

Joe will strive to conquer global warming by working tirelessly to develop non-carbon, renewable clean energy, and restoring the United States to the Paris Climate Accord.

Joe is committed to rewarding work, not wealth by making our country more economically equal by way of enacting a middle class tax cut, a Federal minimum wage of $15 an hour, increasing the

The Earned Income Tax Credit, rebuilding our infrastructure, providing very low cost, public college, and having health care for all including a public Medicare option.

Joe is dedicated to fulfilling his commitment to eliminating systemic racism; to unite us rather than divide us; and to restore the rule of law.

Joe will protect American security by sending autocrats (Putin, Kim Kim Jong-un, etc.) packing, and returning to negotiating nuclear reduction treaties including the Iran Nuclear Agreement. And he will do that by ending Middle East wars.

With Joe, as Dana Millbank of the Washington Post put it:

“The highest office in the land won’t be a nightmarish daily reality show of self-dealing, racism, cruelty, insults, coddling of dictators, antagonizing of allies and authoritarian flourishes.”

Joe Biden is a courageous and noble leader that will restore America to its greatness in the world.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville


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