Readers disagree

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to a couple letters and some totally idiotic statements made by the authors!

First, one of the frequent authors has accused President Trump of negligent homicide for the totally negligent killing of thousands of COVID-19 victims! First ,Mr. supposedly intelligent and religious author,  where is your proof of this accusation?

The President fast tracked the development and testing of hopefully an effective vaccine in record time, bypassing stupid regulations and has set in motion the means to get it distributed to the American people. Something a normal politician would not be able to accomplish in years!

And yet you say nothing about the Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo, who did in fact cause the deaths of thousands of the elderly, by forcing them back into nursing facilities to infect other patients and causing their deaths, when he was supplied with a floating hospital and a temporary hospital that were supposed to be used for Covid patients!

Another accomplishment that you naysayers said could never be done! Did he fast track the building of ventilators and the acquisition of masks, that previous administrations failed to keep in stock and available?

By the way, not one patient did not have access to a ventilator! Did you thank him, heck no!

Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, was in fact instituted unconstitutionally as you are aware! I guess you’re OK with that if you like it? The constitution be damned!

More people have lost their health care because of the ACA’s effect on premiums, did Obama lie when he and Democrats kept spewing that every American would save thousands every year? Oops! The president has said numerous times that preexisting conditions would be protected, and where is any proof that 22 million “will be” deprived of health care? Why do you continue to lie and regurgitate the words of Democrats? Maybe you yourself should learn to verify before printing your lies!

Dwain E. Knight



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