The great theft

Dear Editor,

I remember as a child watching the Christmas cartoon “How the Grinch stole Christmas.”

It was a fantasy. It could never happen in real life. How wrong I was.

You see, Virginia, there is a Grinch. In fact there are several Grinches — media, big tech, the Democrat party, states under the control of Democrat leaders, the banking system, China and pollsters. And what they are stealing is not Christmas but the election process, the Constitution, the first amendment, and our republic.

If you watch the news you can probably already understand why people are fuming.

We have mysterious early morning voter dumps in Wisconsin and Michigan in the hundred of thousands and not one vote for Trump, or the other two candidates. There wasn’t even a write-in.

Every single one went to Biden. That is not only improbable … that is impossible.

In Philadelphia and across the USA the Republican poll watchers were denied the ability to observe the counting of the ballots and when they finally won that right the election board in Philly shut down the counting and filed their own counter suit. If you aren’t doing anything wrong why stop the counting when the Republicans show up? Of course in Detroit they put sheets and boards to keep you away. Also in Michigan the state legislative body (republican controlled) had their elections laws rewritten by the Michigan Supreme Court (democrat control) and now we are finding out that a lot of these mail in ballots were being back stamped to make them legal. You didn’t see all of these games, statistical impossibilities, and magic ballots in 2016 because the Dems thought Hillary had it in the bag. What were the other frauds of this election? Ballots not properly postmarked. People were given sharpie pens which negated their ballot. People who lived in the 1800’s voting for Biden. Allowing mail-in ballots well after election date and false information from the media. This is not a time to roll over for the theft of our election process. When deception is in control, this is no longer the will of the people but the totalitarian control by elites and mobs. And isn’t it amazing that those who screamed the loudest of Russian collusion now want us to move on and accept this travesty. Remember this Church, Adonijah presumptuously claimed he was king of Israel when God had chosen Solomon. Pray!

Randy Marple



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