Dear Editor,

The evidence presented, with regard to irregularities and illegalities, in the 2020 Presidential election have been brought forward. It has not received legal actions, as it would not merit “Fraud”.

The MAGA masses have been dwarfed by the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris vote. Joe Biden is the most popular candidate in American history. Far more so than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Joe Biden is millions more votes popular (per “popular” vote). He is the epitome of a “late bloomer”.

After 5 decades he has made it to the top. The most elite political position on the face of the earth. I think it is sad for the Ohio Valley, as the tabulations in our area of OH and WV were so weighted to Trump.

I fear the Biden Administration may shun our area as we have so many supporters of energy independence here. We lack mass solar panel stations, no wind turbines within 50 miles and meager hydroelectric generation currently.

The “Green New Deal” must increase its advertising presents to the “Times Leader” and TV and radio for the valley to embrace its ideals. Our judges should become more liberal and maybe lessen the prison population here. The revenue savings could be moved to social programs and clean air programs. We have much to do. Personally, I am ready to pick up my shovel, and follow Joe.

We need the COVID vaccine here. We love ya Joe! Come on man, love us back.

Good luck to all.

Sam Fregiato

St. Clairsville.


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