Do you not want fair elections?

Dear Editor,

How can we, the American people, sit back and watch as our country is being stolen from us?

I am not talking about just an election, which is horrible enough, but our entire way of life will soon be changed, if we sit back and allow our election process become corrupted.

When you watch the poll workers, poll observers, truck drivers, postal workers, etc., testifying to the terrible stories of corruption they witnessed going on all over the country, and the media and the judges supposedly listening to those courageous whistle blowers, sit there acting like they are completely uninterested by any of this.

The wonderfully brave people who are willing to completely upend their own lives to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, are being completely dismissed.

These brave people realize that elections can never be fair when they are allowed to be run like this. Oh, you haven’t seen any of this! That’s because your media isn’t covering any of it!

They have been told to ignore it, not to cover it, and anyone uninterested will just accept the results. We cannot ignore this!

We cannot just let blatant cheating happen. This is too important! America is not a third world country! We use to care about integrity, boy, not anymore!

Everything is upside down. I don’t want to sit back and watch, as our world goes to hell!

If you believe in Heaven, that will soon be forbidden.

If we do not wake up and demand to find out exactly what happened in this election, and has been creeping in for many years; we will not recognize America in the very near future.

If Georgia doesn’t get their stuff together, the run-off senate election will be stolen in just the same ways.

All elected officials (Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, whatever), from the county level to the federal level, should be demanding to get to the bottom of this election now, or we will never have another free and fair election!

Wake up people, especially our elected leaders!

Our children are depending on us!

God bless America, if he still thinks we’re worth it!

Karel Murad



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