Ohio Valley Republicans, keep the faith

Dear Editor,

Anti-Trumpers have been looking to remove him from office since his inauguration in 2017.

They impeached him over nothing last year and this year, days before his term ends, they want to try to remove him again.


They say he called for an insurrection?

He did no such thing!

His speech, like so many other politically charged speeches, had red meat in it to fire up the crowd for a protest not an insurrection. Just because a few morons stormed the Capitol in a deadly rage does not mean they were taking marching orders from the President. After all, there were estimated 400,000 other participants who did not storm the Bastille.

Is the reason for impeachment so he can’t run again?

That should be an insult to the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump.

The anti-Trumpers aren’t just trying to silence him, they want to silence you.

And here’s the scary part: They not only want to take down the President, but also all of those who supported him after this past election and even the entire Republican Party, guilty by association.

They make a false accusation against Trump, draw in those who broke into the Capitol, then cast a net over the entire Republican Party. Sadly, these hatemongers have help from turncoats within the Party and worse, many from the rank and file are changing affiliations.

Are you kidding me?

They’ve accused Trump of being a tyrant.

What makes him the tyrant?

Is it because of his highly desirable America First Doctrine?

Because putting the American people first should be a primary responsibility for all Presidents. The last one forgot that and that’s why we have such an unconventional President.

But getting back to tyrant. If you’re calling Trump a tyrant, I need you to explain how he is a tyrant towards the American people. Seriously, someone explain this to me!

If your argument is he put kids in cages, that was a policy left over by the previous administration and Trump ultimately ended it.

But what makes him the tyrant?

Because the only tyrannical behavior I see is by the anti-Trumpers. The Democratic Party, mainstream media, and big tech have all conspired to rule over and control us.

Trump was never the tyrant, only his accusers were and are. Listen to what the Democrats and MSM are saying!

One pundit even suggested Republicans’ children be sent to re-education camps.

Don’t let them do that to us — not just as Republicans, but as Americans.

So you may ask, “What can we do?”

Well, first don’t give up on the idea of Trump, an unconventional leader who put America’s needs first.

Within a week, he’ll no longer be President. But we can’t give up on what he tried to do because those policies are what makes America strong.

Don’t give up the fight for American values because those values have been what makes America the land opportunity. Don’t give up on American exceptionalism because in spite of what the left says, this is the greatest country in history.

Stick together and don’t let the left splinter us.

The Republican Party is still the party holding dear to American values and American Exceptionalism and remember, 2022 will be upon us soon.

We can take back the House and the Senate and the Presidency in 2024 and once again Make America Great Again.

Rant over.

Philip Parenti

Mount Pleasant


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