Letters continue to criticize Trump

Dear Editor,

Many of the submitted letters to this publication seem to still care to belittle, denigrate and condemn a POTUS that was seeking reelection last year.

Nearly one-half of the American voters (75 million) were defeated. NOT just Donald J. Trump, but, 1/2 of America (so to speak).

Before I retired, when President Obama was elected by majority America (twice) I the told my coworkers, of his support (not mine) I wish him, and America great success.

I hope so much so as, “we build monuments to his great accomplishments.” I truly do not believe those union brothers and sisters, this day, would care to “tar & feather” our 45th president. But here, oft published submitters would seem to delight with the idea.

I look forward to the historic forensic study of the 2020 presidential election, and that of the GA senatorial runoff. Also, the complete findings of the January 6th invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building and the proof that Senator Ted Cruz was trying to kill Rep. AOC. After all, we still await the truth of who killed JFK … ?

If Netflix had the studio presentation, I so wish Rod Sterling of “The Twilight Zone” fame was still in our ‘zone’ to introduce the program:

“You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.

“A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.

“That’s a signpost up ahead. Your next stop: ‘The Twilight Zone!'”

Back down the rabbit hole, “Sam, I Am.”

Sam Fregiato

St. Clairsville


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