Proud Dittohead

Dear Editor,

(On Feb. 17), we the American people lost one of our most valuable and influential citizens, Rush Limbaugh.

I personally feel like I have lost a best friend or a family member. For three hours a day and five days a week, we all had the opportunity to listen to his brilliance on the radio.

I was 100% behind his opinions, because whenever I was on the fence about an issue, his thoughtful, well sourced opinions always cleared my judgement. I would have supported him in any political and societal situations, because like he said, “Rush is Right” and he had “Talent on Loan from God.”

Well now the Lord now wants to use him in Heaven and he will definitely continue to do his part in God’s plan.

Rush warned us all of the evils that would come to pass in our society and he attempted to keep us on the cutting edge of societal evolution so that we could prepare for these changes.

Well we are on our own now, we have to go forward without the George Washington of our time.

The Founding Fathers would have been proud.

I cannot imagine a world without Rush, but here we are.

I and tens of millions of others love you, Rush, and we thank you for all your efforts to preserve our Republic.

Goodbye for now, old friend!

Bob Blinco



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