Turning to higher power in pandemic

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Masks, social distancing and vaccines are all great. I recommend this for everyone.

But on social media, I hear little about a higher power. I know that churches do have prayers for the coronavirus, and that is good. There is power in prayer.

I know there is separation of church and state, but I want to shed light on another pandemic that happened in 1625.

This is what the Eternal Word Television Network had to say,:”In 1625 there was a plague. The people of Palermo, Sicily, went through the streets with relics of St. Rosalie.

“They asked for her intercede for the city. The plague ended and she was proclaimed the patroness of the city of Palermo.”

That was the pandemic of their day, and we do have the pandemic of our day.

Not everyone is Catholic; thus, not everyone will look to a Catholic Saint for help.

But we can look to God.

Catholics have religious symbols such as rosary and the Brown Scapular.

If one is not Catholic, everyone can wear a simple cross necklace or a cross pin.

This would be the world’s way of asking for help from a higher power.

What would hurt?

There are about half a million coronavirus deaths.

Lil Laughman

Martins Ferry


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