Destruction of the family unit

Dear Editor,

My friends and family are constantly asking/complaining about conditions in American today.

The great communist leader leader Joseph Stalin once stated that if the Communist Party could destroy the family unit in America then communism could enter America without firing a shot.

Well Stalin’s dream has come true in my lifetime. Both the government (local, state, federal) and the Catholic Church are guilty for the destruction of the family unit in America. Ethics, morality, integrity are just words in a dictionary and are no longer qualities of American citizens. Both Democrats and Republicans lack honesty, truthfulness, ethics, morality and integrity. Even the pope lacks these qualities. The Pope condemns Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine but yet this same pope has turned the Catholic Church into a safe haven for pedophiles and sex abusers. So both the government and Catholic Church are both guilty for fostering the destruction of the American family unit.

We the people of America need to reestablish our family units and teach our children/grandchildren integrity, honesty, ethics, morality. When, and only when, the American family unit is reestablished can we the people hold the government and the Catholic Church accountable for their actions.

Bob Miller



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