Letter re: Biden and the Environment

Dear Editor,

Bill Bryant’s May 8 letter, “Biden is saving our environment, is misleading. That’s because the president’s irresponsible immigration policy undermines his environmental policies and goals.

His proposed U.S. Citizenship Act would result in the largest immigration expansion in U.S. history. The bill would result in 37 million green cards issued to new immigrants over the first decade — nearly 4 times the number from any other decade. You can see here what this bill would do: https://www.numbersusa.com/blog/amid-record-setting-crisis-radical-increase-immigration

Pew Research in 2015 said if our current annual legal immigration level remains in effect, immigration will account for nearly 90 percent of our population growth through 2065 and push our population to 441 million people from today’s 330 million-plus million people.

Population growth is a leading cause of loss of open space, urban sprawl and destruction of wildlife habitat. We think that this sort of growth hardly measures up to “saving” our environment.

Dave Gorak

Executive director

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

La Valle, WI


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