Dear Editor,

A very frightening aspect of the end times is beginning to foreshadow across the world and across this country.

First we saw the horror of identity politics and social Marxism.

The desire to divide us according to the color of our skin is wrong, according to scripture. But Matthew 24:7, which speaks of the end times, says nation will arise against nation.

Originally the New Testament was written in ancient Greek. This phrase was originally written as “ethnos against ethnos.” Ethnic groups will rise against ethnic groups.

Second, Homeland Security named veterans, people with guns, and white evangelicals as the greatest threat to this country. Our leaders say that no one needs an AR-15 and our southern border is wide open, folks. The Second Amendment allows for a well-armed public, not just for hunting but also for defense.

We (left behind) military equipment (in Afghanistan).The ancient biblical scriptures make them part of the region of Magog. … Because of the debacle in Afghanistan, Russia, China and Iran are all ready to expand power into their various regions. Ezekiel 38 now has all of the players in perfect line for an invasion of Israel and an attack on us.

The last is the idea being pushed by many governments of the vaxed vs. unvaxed. In France, Germany, Greece, Italy unvaxed people cannot go to restaurants or grocery stores without meeting certain tests and conditions.

In Australia the shutdown was so severe the police shot dogs at a shelter rather than allow people to rescue them. People face huge fines for just being outside.

In the UK, the people are rebelling against a track and trace app that the public must have to move around the country.

In China they will soon be instituting QR codes to buy and sell.

In New York City, the mayor has instituted a vaccine mandate as well as many universities, public schools and places of employment around the country.

The vaccine is NOT the mark of the beast, but the reaction of these governments is a foreshadowing of it.

If you don’t believe me, read Revelation 13:16-18. These are but a few signs of the Bible I see coming to our world. God is warning and preparing us.

Come to Jesus.

“Now is the day of salvation.” 2 Corinthians 6:2.

Randy Marple



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