How will plant combat climate change?

Dear Editor,

In The Times Leader article on October 14 Dan Williamson tells us about “PTTGCA’s commitment to reducing waste, combating climate change and protecting public health and safety.”

So Mr. Williamson and PTTGC recognize the reality of climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions and the need to combat that.

According to their air permit application PTTGC expects the Dilles Bottom plant to emit 1,785,043 tons of greenhouse gases annually. That works out to 1 ton of greenhouse gas every 18 seconds.

At present there are zero greenhouse gases being emitted from Dilles Bottom.

I would be interested in Mr. Williamson explaining how building a new plant to add 1,785,043 tons annually of greenhouse gas will combat climate change.

Fr. Michael Ziebarth

Martins Ferry


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