Union Local soccer team commended

Dear Editor,

I attend a soccer game on Oct. 12 between Union Local and St. Clairsville. I am the proud grandfather of one of St. Clairsville’s players. However, it is not that team that I write about today.

As they both took the field, I noticed that Union Local had 10 players, which is exactly how many players to put on the field for a soccer game. My first impression was that they were going to get exhausted pretty quickly.

What I witnessed both surprised and impressed me. As the score progressed, it became evident that Union Local was not likely to outscore their opponent. There were no substitutes to give their players a rest. How would these players respond to his adversity?

I saw 10 young men and women play their hearts out. They didn’t complain. They didn’t give up.

They hustled as though the score was tied, though the outcome of the game had long since been determined.

These kids taught anyone, who was paying attention, what it means to finish what you start, to play with pride, to do your best, no matter what the odds. Sometimes, winning has nothing to do with the final score. Being a winner has everything to do with how you conduct yourself when things aren’t going your way.

To any parent out there who is trying to teach their child about teamwork, commitment to your team, your school, and your own self pride — take your child to watch Union Local’s soccer time play. You won’t need to explain it after that.

To the parents and coaches of these young women and men — congratulations on a job well-done!

Larry Bragg

St. Clairsville


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