Veteran responds to letter writers

Dear Editor,

In response to the two syncophonic letters of Sept. 5, “Surviving Biden” and “Liberals or Chinese Communists:”

My voting has always been with the view that the family next door should have enough food, clothing and medicine as I; a view anathema to Republicans.

When my father-in-law, Mike Kovalick, came home from France in 1919-20 he was instrumental in organizing the United Mine Workers of America union, not socialism.

The answer to real socialism in the United States, as any fool knows, has been unions.

One writer referred to President (Joe) Biden as a mumbling, sick old man.

As a 90-year-old veteran I’ll put my poke with an old man with a brain anytime, anywhere rather than a salacious, hedonistic draft-dodging coward like Trump.

Gene Campbell



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