The elites and the deplorables

Dear Editor,

I was stunned by the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN the other night.

After (Glenn) Youngkin won the Virginia election they responded by saying it was because Republicans support white supremacy.

Wait? … What?

This is what the socialist in the mainstream media and progressives of the Democrat party resort to … identity politics. I guess they completely ignored the fact that the Republican lieutenant governor who won was a black woman or the Republican attorney general who won was of Cuban American descent.

It’s time to wake up in America. We are purposely being dismantled by a group of elites who think and basically say that you and I are deplorables who don’t matter. They have no concern about the American working man and woman. It’s demonstrated in their Build Back Better infrastructure bill that will give illegal aliens $450,000 for being separated at the border. Even though Biden denied it, the American Civil Liberties Union said it’s in there. (ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero told another news outlet the Justice Department is deliberating crimes committed against immigrant families separated from the children.)

Also demonstrated in the infrastructure bill is an item that will give free education to the children of those who make over a million dollars. Biden is a puppet for others. He has no clue what is going on. It’s demonstrated by doubling down on COVID mandates, no exceptions, for working people by January 4th. It’s demonstrated by the leaving of hundreds maybe thousands of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

It’s demonstrated by making us energy dependent on Saudi Arabia while shutting down our own pipelines.

It is demonstrated by the major banks and insurance corporations all jumping to be on the Net Zero compliance of climate change.

What does that mean for me and you?

Try to get a loan or insurance for a house in about a year if it’s not environmentally compliant. It’s time to draw a line in the sand against big corporations, the national media and the progressive left. If not … well … welcome to the destroyed nation of Venezuela North America style and sadly we will deserve it.

Randy Marple



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