Dear Editor,

I pity the person who doesn’t understand nor studies history.

What we are seeing today is historical in nature, especially in those countries which were overthrown by a small group of ruthless radicals who believed in their cause.

Russia in 1917 comes to mind.

China in the late 1940s is another.

A small group of bolsheviks in Russia and communist in China enslaved the populations of entire nations and murdered millions of people.

But today we see a group, though still small, operate in a grander and more cunning way. These are the global corporatists. They use the national leaders as puppets, technology as their spies, and the national media as their lap dogs; and they have convinced a small part of the world’s population, 5-10 percent, to do their bidding.

As I have cited above with Russia and China, this 5-10 percent is large enough to make the population bend to their yoke.

Remember, this is the population group who believes it is revolutionary but in actuality it is supporting the status quo of the extremely powerful and wealthy.

They are being used.

But where does the mentality of these 5-10% come from?

I believe it’s a combination of a culture of narcissism and collectivism coupled with a desperate desire for weak people to feel as though they are powerful.

Sadly, there are a lot of malcontents and social failures in their ranks that grow up feeling powerless.

Instead of improving their lot by improving themselves and achieving something of merit, they instead blame others and the world for their lack of accomplishment.

They become activists. Being an activist alone is not a career and they produce nothing, so the only measure of their education and their life is how much they can destroy, not how much they can build and create.

They want us to conform. They want us either to be with them or erased. A

nd the corporate globalists give them their platforms. This is why they are thrilled when big tech and media takes a person off Twitter, Facebook, or television.

Authoritarians always resort to censorship.

If the authoritarian has a weak argument, they shut up the opposition.

Communist and fascist have always understood this. If you are part of the 5-10 percent and cheering for censorship, you are on the side of tyrants and eventually, they will show up on your doorstep, too.

Randy Marple



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