Enrollment on the decline

Ohio has a new school-based concern: decreased enrollment.

In an Ohio Capital Journal report, Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction Stephanie Siddens said decreases in enrollment for the school years of 2019-20 and 2020-21 were expected, but it still is a problem.

Total enrollment was down 3%, and about half of the numbers were pre-school and kindergarten-aged students, according to the Capital Journal. The number of students being home schooled increased 25%.

That is no surprise, given the number of complaints thate were heard about remote learning during the height of the pandemic. While schools adjusted to remote learning, they were woefully unprepared for it and, in some cases, confusion ruled the day.

It may be time to look at what must change, and what parents are finding in education alternatives that they do not find in public schooling.

Should officials fail to make an honest assessment — and then act on it — they can likely expect enrollment declines to continue.


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