Precinct 20 candidate introduction

Dear Editor,

Hello, my name is Lucien Murzyn and I’d like to announce my write-in candidacy for the Belmont County Republican Party’s Central Committee for Precinct 20 in St Clairsville.

I’ve lived in Belmont County since 1983 and have been active in the community in a number of areas. If you do not know me, you might ask the question: “Who are you and why should I vote for you?”

∫ I taught at Ohio University for 30 years. During that tenure, I taught 4 different subject areas and finished my carrier teaching Mathematics.

∫ I’m a tenor that will sing at the drop of a hat (P.S. If you don’t have a hat, I’ll loan you mine).

∫ I’m an artist ­ my medium is acrylics and I generally paint wildlife scenes and florals.

∫ I’ve been accused of being a good cook (generally New Orleans Cuisine but I am eclectic in taste).

∫ Presently I’m a city councilman for St Clairsville.

∫ And I’m a practicing Christian (my Christian ethos is best defined by the Great Awakening preacher “Johnathan Edwards’ sermon — “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” and the Ten Commandments.

Why should you vote for me? To paraphrase one of my favorite authors, Thomas Sowell, we all live on our own island of knowledge in a great sea of ignorance. This is what I have on my island:

First ­– I’m well read in the history of this nation when it was founded and the philosophies that guided the Founders in writing the U.S. Constitution. As you know, they were well read and very wise men and ladies! (See Abigail Adams writings.)

Second — Politically, I am a small “r” republican, and my priorities will lie with the communities needs and not necessarily the big “R” Republican Party. (See Jeremiah 34:17 and Exodus 18:13-26 for an explanation).

Third — I believe that our local problems should be solved by our local leaders and government.

County problems should be solved by the county government and problems too big for either of them should be solved with the assistance of either the state or federal government.

In looking for those solutions to our local problems, I prefer to solve them first by education before we resort to legislation or judication.

My priority if elected ­ — Given that Belmont County is the third oldest county (chronologically) in Ohio and our industries over the last few decades have been devastated by State and Federal regulations etc., we are losing our young people and talent to the large urban areas! I will work with the leaders in this community to use the resources we have left to bring new industries and life into this area!

Pro Deo et Patria!

Lucien Murzyn

St. Clairsville


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