Biden secured funds

Dear Editor,

Didn’t The Times Leader forget something in their article in Sunday’s paper entitled “Gov. DeWine announces $3.3M awarded to local project”?

While your article did say “the money is a result of American Rescue Plan dollars … “ your article, however, failed to point out that the American Rescue Plan Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives 219 Democrat to 212 Republican without a single House Republican vote in favor.

I am certain Governor DeWine and his wife Fran enjoyed their smiling pictures being on the front page, above the fold, While stealing all the credit — and getting away with it.

They say according to the article that they will be back to heist even more credit from the good work of President Biden and the Congressional Democrats.

I heard Governor DeWine say in a recent television interview that Trump was “way ahead in Ohio” in the Presidential race. I guess DeWine gets his confidence from getting away with the credit of good, compassionate work of Democrats.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville


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