Learning the proper golf swing is key to improving

There has been a lot written about the golf swing. This increase can be traced back to the smaller golf world, who is Tiger’s teacher, who is helping Justin Thomas, and the ever-popular debate Haney, Harmon or Ledbetter? As a PGA Professional, I feel very confident in my ability to help players of all skill levels. I posses quite an extensive teaching resume and have numerous success stories. The real reason, in my opinion, that I am a good teacher is because I want to teach. I very badly want my students to improve, and the student’s goals are the most important aspect of any equation. I do not prescribe to “one swing fits all” and I certainly do not price myself out of the teaching market. (An indicator that a person does not want to teach)

I also try to keep it simple. I want all readers to understand that there are only two things that affect where a golf ball goes. Two and two only. There are different aspects to these items, but at the end of the day it all boils down to path of the club and angle of club face at impact. A golf ball curves because of path and a golf ball’s initial trajectory is determined by the club face. How many times have you hit a shot and asked yourself, “why did it go there?” That is where my simple approach works. I will show you why it went there, show you what you need to do to make it go where you want, all while making it very simple and straightforward.

I think the interesting thing about all of this is a saying I heard when I was a kid. “It is what you teach after you know everything that matters.” Again, my goal is to get the ball where you want it to go. It is not my golf ball, it is yours. Once that goal is determined, now we are going to get aligned correctly and make sure the club face and the club path are achieving that goal. If it sounds super simple, that is because it is.

Very few people play the PGA Tour, and the better a player becomes, the less he knows about the golf swing. I do not want you to get bogged down in information, I want simple, straightforward thoughts help you play better golf.

The better you play, the more enjoyment you will have, the more enjoyment the more rounds you will play, and the more you play you are rewarded with the wonderful world of golf. Keep it simple, and if you are having difficulty, I am here to help. Do not struggle in silence, most problems in golf swings can be traced back to a few simple thoughts.

Rich Conwell is the General Manager & PGA Head Golf Professional at Wheeling Country Club and can be reached with questions or comments at rconwell@wheelingcountryclub.com or 304-232-2000.


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