Super Six to remain in Wheeling for at least 4 more years

WHEELING — The West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission announced on Wednesday that the Super Six will be returning to Wheeling Island Stadium for another four years, running from 2020-23.

Wheeling Island Stadium has played host to many spectacular games over the course of the last 26 years and the future of football’s biggest stage in West Virginia is very bright.

“We’re very excited for the city of Wheeling,” Wheeling Park athletics director and Super Six co-chairman Dwaine Rodgers said.

“We’ve been doing this for 26 years. Sam Mumley, Eric Carder and Bernie Dolan put in all the hard work, so the blueprint is there. We just follow that blueprint with all the volunteers. Without them, a lot of the things we do, we wouldn’t be able to do.”

Ohio County Commissioner Tim McCormick was also on hand as Rodgers made the presentation for Wheeling Island Stadium, following a bid from Bluefield — the only other city to put in a bid.

“We made our presentation after Bluefield and we are excited and happy that it is coming back,” McCormick said. “We provide an experience the kids will never forget. Not only the players but we take care of the cheerleaders and the fans, too.

“It’s a tribute to the Ohio Valley.”

It certainly is.

Coming to Wheeling Island Stadium for the Super Six has always been a special priviledge for players, coaches and the fans. That experience of walking into the locker room on gameday and seeing helmets, jerseys and cleats at the players’ lockers gives them a chance to live out their dreams — a moment they will never forget.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be around for 26 years with Tim McCormick, “Super Six co-chairman Greg Stewart said. “Every year we try to add something to the weekend for the kids. “After doing it for 26 years, we have a manual with how it all works. We give the teams manuals and it tells them how it all works and when it all happens.

“Our predecessors always said ‘it’s all about the kids.’ That’s at the forefront of our thoughts. We give them memorablia, set up the locker rooms, give them meals and everything that just adds to a weekend that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.”

The addition of the indoor athletic facility at the Highlands, which is projected to be finished in December, could add another positive aspect to having the state championships in Wheeling.

“That’s one of the things we discussed,” Rodgers said. “We offered practice facilities for schools at local schools and colleges but that adds another element to it. An indoor facility creates a nice place for walk-through’s or whatever they need.

“The highlands offers so much for fans to do, too.”

Whether it’s an exciting entrance to a locker room, last minute preparation at an indoor practice facility or taking the field under the lights — it’s clear that the Super Six will be in good hands for another four years.


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