All East Ohio Bowling League Teams

All-East Ohio Bowling League


First Team

Aleyna Runevitch, Harrison Central; Daylin Mercer, Barnesville; Tory Thompson, Harrison Central; Cheyanne Cornish, Buckeye Local; Cami Basich, Harrison Central; Tessa Johnston, Barnesville; Alexis Stewart, Union Local; Brooke Shaffer, Buckeye Local; Emma Rowan, Union Local.

Second Team

Anna Weddle, Monroe Central; Amelia Woollard, St. Clairsville; Breanna Flood, Barnesville; Chloe Porter, Union Local; Annie Takach, Buckeye Local; Sydney Bodak, Buckeye Local; Haley Vaughn, St. Clairsville; Lauren Best, Harrison Central; Reagan Campbell, Barnesville.

Special Mention

Sabrina Frazier, St. Clairsville; Elizabeth Schnegg, St. John; Emma Poe, St. Clairsville; Abby Scott, St. John; Sierra Sterling, Buckeye Local; Carlie Lee, River; Julie Johnson, Barnesville; Dayna Potter, Monroe Central; Kaylee Ferguson, Monroe Central; Brooklyn Edgell, Bridgeport; Emma Pitner, Bridgeport; Hannah Eikleberry, Union Local; Makenna Klarr, Martins Ferry; Meghan Mahan, Martins Ferry; Sheyanna Osborne, Beallsville.

Honorable Mention

Haley Stewart, Barnesville; Chloe Christmas, Monroe Central; Zoe Long, Bridgeport; Alexis Lishick, Harrison Central; Karla Thompson, Harrison Central; Kaylee Turner, Union Local.


First Team

Trevor Thompson, Harrison Central; Bryan Neidert, Union Local; Nathan Brown, Union Local; Zach Keyser, Harrison Central; Matt Hall, Barnesville; Dylan Usenik, Union Local; Nathan Willis, Harrison Central; Francis Toohey, Martins Ferry; Brock Sexton, Monroe Central.

Second Team

Lane Harding, Harrison Central; Chas Anderson, St. Clairsville; Josh Neidert, Union Local; Chad Barbe, Union Local; Kendall Cross, River; Zane Phillips, Martins Ferry; Logan Eddy, Barnesville; Brennan Meager, Bridgeport; Devon Harrell, Monroe Central.

Special Mention

Jimmy Hornyak, Buckeye Local; Chase Eikleberry, Buckeye Local; R.J. Dealing, Barnesville; Matthew Heatherington, Barnesville; Brandon Elliot, Monroe Central; Gabe Donahue, Bridgeport; Zach McKivigan, Bridgeport; Andrew Murphy, River; Peyton Lewis, Harrison Central; Colton Luyster, Union Local; Noah Kovalsky, Martins Ferry; Jackson Romshak, Martins Ferry; Eric Schnegg, St. John.

Honorable Mention

C.J. Adams, Buckeye Local; Michael Heatherington, Barnesville; Dustin Landefeld, Monroe Central; J.C. Marling, Bridgeport; Jake Rose, River; Michael Johnson, River; Walker Romshak, Martins Ferry; Blake Wines, Martins Ferry; Caleb Smith, Beallsville; Xavier Lieberth, Beallsville; Cody Scott, St. John;


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