Ohio Valley football community split on Super Bowl predictions

When it comes to The Big Game, everybody has something they’ll be watching out for.

Whether it’s the advertising spots coveted by major corporations (Which have, if we’re being honest, fallen in recent years from the heights of the 2000’s and 2010’s, the days of Terry Tate: Office Linebacker and Doritos Time Machines), the halftime show which has produced moments which remain in just as many people’s minds as the action on the gridiron (Purple Rain, anyone?), the inevitable cut-aways to Taylor Swift throughout the night (the over/under is 12.5), or, for the oddballs who tune in for the football, a promising matchup between the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and high-powered San Francisco 49ers.

As for the task of predicting the outcome, odds-makers reflect how close of a match this should be.

As of Friday afternoon, Vegas has the line at San Francisco -2, which is pretty close to a pick ’em for those who aren’t familiar with sports betting parlance.

When it comes to the opinions of the Ohio Valley’s coaches and media, they are likewise split more or less down the middle.

With 31 submitted predictions, the verdict has come down in Kansas City’s favor- but only as slightly as Vegas favors San Fran, the Chiefs earning the confidence of just 54.8% of area voters.

If a decisive conclusion was what you were hoping for, those seem hard to come by for this year’s Super Bowl. Here’s what the local experts have to say:


Indian Creek

I think that the Chief’s defense will do enough to slow down the 49er’s offense and Mahomes will make a play late in the fourth quarter for a win. CHIEFS 28-24.


Steubenville Herald-Star/Weirton Daily Times

The 49ers let one get away a couple years ago and will be out to make that right, and the Chiefs are the weakest version of themselves to reach a Super Bowl on the run they’re on. It will be close because Mahomes is Mahomes, but give me Brock Purdy and the Niners to disappoint the Swifties. 49ERS 27-23.


The Chiefs have a solid defense and the best quarterback on the planet. However, with Union Local grad Colton McKivitz paving the way for Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey, no way the Niners lose. 49ERS 30-27.



I will be rooting for San Francisco and I believe they are the better team, but Kansas City has some kind of magic going on right now. I can’t mess with magic. CHIEFS 34-31.

BLAKE ALLEN, Barnesville

I think it is a toss up; if SF plays a clean game I could see them winning by 10+, but they have been pretty sloppy in the playoffs. I’ll go with Mahomes, Kelce, and Reid to find a way once again. CHIEFS 24-20


It’s hard to pick against Mahomes but I think the star power of the 49ers will give them an edge. 49ERS 34-30.

BUBBA KAPRAL, St. John Central Academy A.D

Brock Purdy silences all his doubters with a sparkling performance, earning him MVP honors. 49ERS 27-23.


My prediction for the Superbowl will be the 49ers coming out on top! They have one of the best offenses in the league. Also, it is hard to root against a team that has a Ohio Valley guy playing for them (Colton McKivitz). 49ERS 31-10.

CODY NESPOR, Dominion Post

The only person to beat Patrick Mahomes in a Super Bowl has been Tom Brady. Brock Purdy is no Tom Brady. CHIEFS 31-20

CODY TOMER, Times Leader

Chiefs haters are just “throwing rocks at things that shine.” Kansas City’s defense carries them into the history books as a new dynasty is born and the champs repeat. CHIEFS 27-23.

ERIC MEEK, Steubenville Catholic Central

Mahomes will come through in big situations! CHIEFS 31-17.

FRED RAY, Bridgeport

I feel it is going to be a very competitive game from start to finish. In the end, it will come down to quarterback play. CHIEFS 23-20.


We’re watching Patrick Mahomes become the greatest to ever play the game. As much as I want to see the UL grad bring home some hardware, Mahomes is the best player on the planet, and that will matter in the end. CHIEFS 27-21.

JOE LOVELL, The Intelligencer

It would great to see an Ohio Valley athlete Colton McKivitz (Union Local and WVU graduate) win a Super Bowl ring. 49ERS 38-35.

JOHN KELLEY, University

Mahomes is tough to beat. High scoring game, won in the last minute. CHIEFS 31-30.

JOSH LOWERY, Shenandoah

The Niners are the more complete team but the Chiefs are playing their best football of the season. Plus I can’t count out Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on the biggest stage. CHIEFS 27-24.

KIM NORTH, The Intelligencer/Times Leader

I made this pick several weeks ago and I’m sticking with it. Colton McKivitz and the 49ERS, 27-24.

KYLE LUTZ, The Intelligencer

The 49ers aren’t going to let this one slip away. Brock Purdy will show how ‘relevant’ he is and with the help of CMC, will be able to put up just enough points to get past a strong Chiefs defense. 49ERS 21-14.

MARK BONAR, Bellaire

Two of my favorite teams to watch. CHIEFS 31-27.

MARK CISAR, John Marshall

Got to go with the Niners and Colten McKivitz! 49ERS 33-31.

MARK DIERKES, Times Leader

It’s all about legacy – Mahomes, Kelce, coach Reid, and let’s not forget Taylor Swift is 10-3 when she attends a Chiefs game. KC defense steals the show, stops Purdy. CHIEFS 25-14.


SF’s defense will be the difference. 49ERS 31-28.

MIKE YOUNG, Wheeling Central

Patrick Mahomes pulls the trigger and has the experience to make the difference. CHIEFS 27-21.

NATE TANNER, Parkersburg South

Chiefs seem to have found a rhythm as of late. They also have several players who have been in and experienced the moment/moments of the super bowl. CHIEFS 28-24.

NICK HENTHORN, The Intelligencer/Times Leader

Recent history would have me betting against a repeat champion- there hasn’t been one in nearly 20 years, since the New England Patriots went back-to-back in 2004 and 2005. While Patrick Mahomes will make at least one play that ends up on social media feeds, the 49ers will be able to win against a KC offensive line whose tackle situation has been subpar all year, and who will most likely be missing All-Pro guard Joe Thuney. 49ERS 27-20.

PERRY NARDO, The Intelligencer/Times Leader

The Chiefs have everything going for them, MVP quarterback, big game experience and a Hall of Fame Coach. So, karma catches up with them and Brock Purdy steals the show. 49ERS 27-21.

RICK DeLUCA, Times Leader

These Super Bowl picks are always tough to pick, so many variables, but I think this might be the year that the less publicized team wins. 49ERS, 27-21.

RICKY MOORE, OVAC Assistant Football Commissioner

The 49ers defensive line will harass Mahomes all night and their run game will grind the game away. 49ERS 30-24.


Defense and QB play should be the difference. The Chiefs’ experience wins out in the end. CHIEFS 31-24.

RYAN KERNS, Buckeye Trail

I think Mahomes and Kelce will find a way to put up a late score and get it done. CHIEFS 24-21.

RYAN WILSON, Clay-Battelle

Will be an exciting game with big plays from both teams. CHIEFS 30-27.

SAM JONES, OVAC Football Commissioner

I am a die hard Bills fan! If we can’t beat Patrick Mahomes no one can. CHIEFS 24-21.


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